About Drukpro Bhutan

“A Canvas honoring the expression of our Creative People “

Sipping a cup of Latte at a cosy corner in Barcelona, my better half, Chimi started to sketch the skeletons of our visionary company. We have grown with each other for the last 25 years and as time passed we began to reflect each other’s thoughts as one. However this thought was a Special one. We call it ” Drukpro Bhutan”. 

Drukpro Bhutan is simply a canvas honouring the expressions of our Bhutanese Creative People. However, we believe now, the beautiful story behind the Artists and Artisans, the high quality packaging and the Limited Edition has started to create its own brand. 

Drukpro Bhutan Story

Besides the Mountains we both share a passion, a passion that we both are living with every day. We are both blessed to be born in Bhutan,a small kingdom in the Himalayas where we are all aspiring to work towards the ultimate goal “Happiness”. 

Chimi Zangmo is presently the Chairperson and a life long supporter for VAST Bhutan, an NGO that has been empowering artist and communities through art since 1998.

My name is Karma T Dorji, a Mountain lover for  almost 15 years, a passionate Photographer, a Business man and earlier worked in a Development Bank (BDBL) , An NGO SABAH Bhutan and Tarayana Micro Finance for almost 23 years in total. 

In our Small Art world, we began to realize during all the years that passed, despite the skill and craftsman ship of our Bhutanese Artists and Artisans it lacked something that could not deliver the “Wow’ factor. We agreed, we needed to express their creativity on a canvas,  we needed to write their stories, we needed to package their products, we needed to add value to the products and finally we needed to grow together . For the last two years we contemplated and contemplated and finally in the end of 2020, we welcomed ” Drukpro Bhutan”, a brand that belonged to all of us. 

This is our simple story, a story about US, now packaged in one box. 

Meet The Team

Karma T Dorji

Founder & CEO

Chimi Zangmo




Dechen Wangmo



Customer Support

Karan Bir Urao

Technical Support


Graphic Designer