Tak Seng Chung Druk

There are four Mythical Creatures, also known by other names as ‘Four Guardians’, ‘Four Gods’, ‘Four Dignities’, or ‘Four Auspicious Beasts’ in Buddhist mythology. In Buddhism, the four guardian animals, Garuda, Dragon, Snow Lion, and Tiger symbolize the overcoming of birth, old age, illness, and death. They are also known as the guardians of the four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west. These mythical animals also represent the sacred qualities and attitudes that Bodhisattvas develop on the path to enlightenment – qualities such as awareness, vast vision, confidence, joy, humility, and power.

  • Garuda represents fearlessness, power, and wisdom.
  • The dragon represents elegance, generosity, calmness, and achievements.
  • Snow Lion represents vitality, dignity, lightness, and purity.
  • Tiger represents confidence, discipline, and modesty.
Sizes Body Lenght Chest
Small 25.5″ 18″
Medium 26.5″ 20″
Large 27″ 21″
XL 28″ 22″
XXL 29″ 25″


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